Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Years Resolutions - More Updates

So it's coming to the time of year where we look back and figure out if we met our New Years resolutions. For those that can't recall mine were listed back here in January.

I'd always tagged this year as the year I get back into role-playing properly. So how'd I do on my scorecard?

Well I didn't make any of them for the timelines I set myself. It was May before I got involved in a game. Starting in May I got myself into a Pathfinder Society group and played. It was enjoyable. I did I think about 8 sessions before getting ill and stopping. Keep thinking about going back, but I haven't done so yet for some unknown reason.

I have however started running a game myself. A few weeks I ran a session of Star Wars: Edge of Empire Beginners Game. And you know what, despite it being the first game I've run in 7 years we all had a blast. Great game and system (ignore the comments on the proprietary dice, they work fabulously.) In fact it ran so well we've all agreed to do a campaign of it. As a result the first session of the campaign begins this Friday the 29th. So looking forward to it.

So did I make my resolutions? Not as written no. Have I been successful in this being the year I get back into role-playing? Yes. Not as successful as I'd have liked, but it's getting there and the future is bright.