Friday, July 25, 2014

Traveller: Milieu 0 Bibliography

  Some of the aspects of Milieu 0 have been mentioned as history in many Traveller supplements, but so far only one set of supplements has gone so far as to base itself in this era. This was Marc Miller’s Traveller, also known as T4.

  T4 was the first version of Traveller to come out following the collapse of GDW, the original publishers of Traveller. Marc Miller’s Traveller was published by Imperium Games starting in 1996. In keeping with some of the Traveller feel, the books were initially numbered as per the hexadecimal system used in the Traveller statistics system.

Marc Miller’s Traveller: 1 (Marc Miller, Imperium Games, 1996): This was the core rulebook for the new T4 game line. Due to the original idea of supporting multiple Milieus, the main book was almost entirely devoid of game setting material choosing instead to concentrate on having all the rules necessary within one volume. While richly illustrated many believed that much of the interior artwork supplied by the renowned artist Chris Foss, was not in keeping with the Traveller feel, though the artwork supplied by Larry Elmore is quite suitable. All in all not really necessary for a knowledge of the period despite a few pieces of information dusted through the book.

Starships: 2 (Don Perrin, Imperium Games, 1996):

Central Supply Catalog: 3 (Greg Porter, Imperium Games, 1996):

Aliens Archive: 4 (Timothy B. Brown, Imperium Games, 1996):

Milieu 0: 5 (Various Authors, Imperium Games, 1996):

First Survey: 6 ( , Imperium Games, 1996):

Emperor’s Arsenal: 7 (Greg Porter, Imperium Games, 1997):

Pocket Empires: 8 (Various Authors, Imperium Games, 1997):

Anomalies: 9 (Various Authors, Imperium Games, 1997):

Psionic Institutes: A (Various Authors, Imperium Games, 1997):

Fire, Fusion and Steel: B (Various Authors, Imperium Games, 1997):

Emperors Vehicles: C (Various Authors, Imperium Games, 1997):

Naval Architect’s Manual: D (Doug Stewart, Imperium Games, 1997):

Imperial Squadrons: E (Various Authors, Imperium Games, 1997):

Nobles: F (Various Authors, Imperium Games, Never Published):

Missions of State: G (Various Authors, Imperium Games, 1998):

Long Way Home (David Burden & Andy Lilly, Imperium Games, 1997):

Gateway (David Burden & Andy Lilly, Imperium Games, 1997):