Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Case of the Missing Blog Post

So the other night I sat down to write a short blog post/article on a specific aspect of one of my favourite RPGs. It's something I've written for before and I'm trying to get back into my writing, so much so that as some may know I'm toying with starting my own small imprint later this year once I have the material.

Anyway, I sat down to do a quick 20 minute post or article, and it was 4 hours before I stood up from my desk (my physio won't like to hear that.) What had started as a short item had ended up 24 pages long, with lots of notes for sections and rules to insert. I estimate when I finish it it will be about 50-60 pages long. So it kind of got away from me, but it had all been in there being mulled around for a while. So basically a blog post turned into a book, one that I'll put aside for publishing at a later point.

So where does that leave the blog? Well it means I've got nothing meaningful to enter here. So instead I'll just say go and buy the new issue of The Unspeakable Oath #22. The latest issue of one of the greatest RPG magazines ever published.

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