Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bundle of Gumshoe

For those of you out there who like the Gumshoe system, or are interested in trying it, there is a new Bundle of Holding available. At the time of writing you can get, for a minimum purchase of $4, these fine products

  • Ashen Stars
  • An annual subscription to the great Ken Writes About Stuff
  • The first collection volume of See Page XX
  • Mutant City Blues
If you pay more than the average (currently $10.92) you also get 
  • Nights Black Agents
  • The Zalozhniy Quartet for Nights Black Agents
The Bundle of Holding has become a great RPG version of the Humble Bundle and is often full of great games. Generally also as the deal continues additional books will be added to the bundle that are available to all making it even greater value. 

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