Tuesday, February 9, 2016

7th Sea Returns

If anyone remembers the old RPG 7th Sea by John Wick and published by Alderac Entertainment, you may be please to know that it's coming back.

Go and check out the Kickstarter for the project. It fully funded in only 7th minutes, and has already blasted through $100,000.


  1. Hi Ben!
    I see you've kickstarted the Land of Narrow Paths. Have you heard anything? I came on after the end of the KS and was wondering where we are. Hate to think that this is going to be one of the bad ones. rowdyscarlett at gmail is my email address, if you find out anything, could you let me know?

  2. Last I heard is that they're in the printing stage for the English Historical maps. Yokai and Japanese text maps will take (even) longer still. I'm in for an English and a Japanese Historical so I could be in for a bit of a wait, even longer than already. Getting a little frustrated at it, but it does at least seem to be progressing (cough, Far West, cough cough.)