Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Start of an era?

So after years of procrastinating, putting it off and general apathy, I've decided to get off my behind and put my RPG views, tips, reviews, news etc into an online blog form. I was going to use a regular website but the blog format allows more flexibility and less maintenance that allows for more time brainstorming/writing/gaming and everything else that goes on in the busy role-playing world.

Who am I? Well I've been role-playing for around 23 years now in both Europe and Canada. Currently between groups after having several years off (I was learning to fly and wanted to concentrate on that, so I ignored the beloved RPGs for several years.) I love writing role-playing items. Some adventures but mostly setting related material and collation of historical and other disparate material that may be of interest to role-players around the world. I've only officially been published for Traveller, but my interests extend beyond that to Legend of the Five Rings, Shadowrun and Cyberpunk, 40K, Earthdawn and, my favourite of them all, Call of Cthulhu.

So what can you expect from here? Honestly, I'm not 100% sure as yet. I know I wish to use it as the jumping off point for a company I've been trying to start for a couple of years now, but that's not ready yet. I need to finish some more writing so there are some more products first. I can tell you what I will have that isn't related to that;
  • Reviews
  • Hints and tips I've picked up along the way
  • Adventure seeds (I'll try to be as generic as possible)
  • Historical items of interest
  • Locations, I have a big interest in locations that can be used for settings
  • Links to good articles on GMing and role-playing in general
  • Perhaps some industry news if it comes across as something that has an effect on my areas of interest

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