Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kickstarter: A New RPG Record

So a new RPG record was set on Kickstarter. Numenera, a Kickstarter for the new game by one of the icons of the industry, Monte Cook. Numenera is a post-apocalyptic far future science fiction RPG. I must say I didn't know a huge amount about it and a quick glance through didn't particularly intrigue me.

However sometimes temptation just jumps in there, and I suddenly found myself in for the core rulebook and the PDFs of everything. The art looks pretty, there is a lot of stuff coming with the stretch rewards and I just can't resist value for money at times.

Over 4,600 RPG fans were definitely interested with 3 interested retail stores putting in a whopping $1,500 each (to be fair that reward level also got Monte Cook coming to the store to do a signing session anywhere in North America which has got to be good for business.) Someone even managed to put their hands into his (or her) pockets and come up with $2,000 to have a one on one with Monte on game design.

At $517,256 (plus PayPal pledges) it beat the previous record holder Traveller 5 by over $220k (not quite doubling it, but giving it a damned good try.)

Kickstarter is definitely becoming the go to place for exclusive RPG goodies and pre-orders, and this proves that Monte Cook is still bankable even after the failure of his Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure to make funding. It seems Indiegogo isn't as popular with RPG fans as Kickstarter.

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