Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year and Resolutions

So I haven't posted anything over the holiday period, I've been busy with various things in real life. Organize a party for a few friends, get my pilot license currency back and the worst one, the Steam holiday sale. Seriously I've logged about 4 full days playing PC games over the last couple of weeks, all on games I bought over the sale (damn you Borderlands.)

Anyway I also managed to pick up a load of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition supplements cheap at a local store called Meeplemart. Looks like I'll be popping over there at some point to get the rest of the supplements I'm missing. Right now I'm really digging the 3rd edition game. It's well produced, the cards and components add a nice edge to it that while a little clunky become a game in themselves and make it easy to keep track of things.

So New Year resolutions. Well I've been trying to get back into gaming properly for a long time, that means not just reading and collecting but playing and GMing as well. So to that end I've made a new years resolution.

In January I must run or play in one gaming session.

In February I must run or play in one gaming session.

In March I must run or play in at least two gaming sessions.

By April I must be involved, if possible, in a regular game.

Should be attainable, but it's already the 4th and I've made no progress towards the first one other than thinking maybe I should try running Warhammer 3rd edition.

Any gaming new years resolutions out there?

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  1. Great list of Resolutions! I had the same problem with Steam sales. I bought so many games, but spent sooo little money.

    Check out my resolutions on my blog. It's a list of resolutions for all gamers to improve the hobby in the coming year.