Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kickstarter: Fate Core Part 2

So a while I go I blogged about the successes the Fate Core Kickstarter has seen (post is here.) Well now we're three days away from the end and the success has been phenomenal so far. At the time of writing fellow role-players have pledged $346,857. This completely blows away the previous second place holder Traveller 5 which gained a very respectable $297K. It's highly unlikely that it will equal the top spot holder, Monte Cook's Numenera at over $517K.

Anyway, back to Fate Core. Due to its extreme success this Kickstarter has generated a ridiculous amount of stretch goals, which means that for a very low price you can get a ridiculous amount of gaming material for your buck.

For instance, for a low low pledge of $10 you get a massive number of PDF format supplements. There's too many to easily list, so I'll just show you the infographic from the Kickstarter that indicates what each pledge level gets (at time of writing.)

So if the Fate system interests you, head over to the Kickstarter and put your money down. Heck even if the system doesn't interest you, the number of supplements you get for that $10 basic pledge will make anyone happy even if they don't use the rules.

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